On today’s post, I’m sharing the inside detailed scoop on the exact products in my safer beauty routine! I’m even sharing how much and how often I use each product, with links to where you can find each one.

my safer beauty routine

Let’s talk about the elusive lady-face beauty routine, for just a minute. A beauty routine is (in my mind) the holy grail of skincare togetherness. I imagine a lovely lady, sitting down at her lovely well-lit dressing table, likely wearing the most fabulous silk robe, confidently applying just the right amount of serums + moisturizers at just the right time of the day. This woman has got it TOGETHER. Her wardrobe is probably thoughtfully stocked, shoes well-organized, her perfume is a “signature” scent, her hair the perfect cut and color for her face, and her attitude is effervescent. Best of all, she makes it look effortless. Looking at this lovely (imaginary) lady, I wonder if she was born knowing how-to beauty or if it is an art that she has mastered over the years.

I wonder this, because I was so totally NOT born with this skill. Designing the perfect-for-me beauty routine has left me feeling COMPLETELY overwhelmed. I have spent the grand majority of my adult (including my tween/teen years) life cycling through endless products, hoping to stumble across that one “perfect” addition. I’ve even Googled the makeup routine of beautifully-complexioned celebrities (only ever pictured looking their best, of course) hoping to stumble across their secret routine and products.

Years of Acne Vulgaris followed by a couple rounds of Accutane as a teenager left my skin scarred, dry, splotchy, and looking too old for its too young history. I wanted to find some products that helped heal my damaged skin, hence the lovely lady with the lovely routine fantasy.

Though my real life routine doesn’t involve a silk robe, dressing table, or the perfect hair, it does finally include what I searched for all those years: confidence in the products I’ve stocked and in the routine I’ve built.

For today’s post, I’m publishing my safer beauty routine because I SO desperately want this to be easier for YOU, than it was for me:

  • WHAT are ALL the products (that actually work together) in a person’s beauty cabinet?
  • How much, when, and how often do they use these products?

But wait, the plot thickens …

Over the last several recent years, my search for a fabulous beauty routine evolved into a search for a fabulous SAFER beauty routine. Though I’d like to heal my dark spots and dry skin, I want to do so without the use of harmful chemicals. Note: for more background information on safer skincare, click HERE for the full bank of my articles.

my safer beauty routine

I have FINALLY, happily, gleefully stocked my beauty cabinet with real-deal keepers. Over the years I have tested, toiled, and tossed countless beauty products, including those from the conventional beauty industry and those from the safer/natural world. I have finally ended up with a collection of products, both for daily use and the beauty boosting semi-weekly use, that WORK! Though everyone’s skin and preferences are different, I’m thrilled to share with you the details on what is in my safer beauty routine.

While a few of my products are from various sources, you’ll see that the safer beauty companies Beautycounter and Primally Pure are my go-to choices! They make FABULOUS, effective products that are free from the scariest of big-cosmo‘s favorite toxic ingredients.

my safer beauty routine

Let’s get to it!

Side note: no, my cabinet is not always this organized. I rearranged a bit so that it would be easier to show you what’s included.


my safer beauty routine


This is my go-to sunscreen! It’s a safer alternative with an SPF of 30. I’m an avid golfer and truly only apply this guy before golf on my face + body (I don’t like to wear makeup when I golf, only mascara). I’ll also pack this tube with me for any time we spend at lakes, beaches, or major in-the-sun days. On days with a more normal routine (work, workout, errands, etc.) I don’t actually wear any sunscreen. I’d rather opt for a hat than add more on my skin. That’s just my personal preference!

Nourishing Cream Cleanser

I LOVE this cream cleanser! This and the charcoal bar (listed below) are the two things I use to clean my face. I typically wash my face before bed OR before I get ready to apply a full-face of makeup (like for a video recording or TV appearance). I opt for this cream cleanser after a non-makeup day (average of 4 days out of the week) and before heavy makeup. It does not lather, but does a great job of soothing my skin.


I’ve been using Primally Pure‘s natural deodorant for the last year+ and, you guys, I NEVER thought I’d ever find a natural deodorant I’d like. This one is the BEST! I recently switched over to the “sensitive” line because my skin just changed a bit in the last couple months, but the regular line is fabulous for most folks. If you’re not a fan of tea tree, no worries. She’s got SEVERAL other scents waiting for you, including lavender, lemongrass (another of my favorites), and an unscented that my hubby especially likes. This deodorant keeps me stink-free!

Citrus + Jasmine Body Oil

Goodness gracious, I love Primally Pure‘s body oils. I swear that by applying a slather of these oils to my legs after a shave gets me AT LEAST one more day before I have to shave again. This Citrus + Jasmine scent is my current favorite for summer. I also think that it helped to quickly heal a minor sunburn from a few weeks ago (when I forgot to pack my sunscreen).

Lavender + Eucalyptus Body Butter

This is the BEST body butter you will EVER get your hands on, folks. What makes it unique? It’s whipped to fluffy perfection. Also, if you’ve been burned by “beefy” body butters before, please don’t be afraid of the “tallow” ingredient in this one. I don’t know what magic they use, but the tallow is undetectable (IMO). I’m currently loving this Lavender + Eucalyptus scent, though the Almond + Vanilla is an old favorite of mine, too (it’s sitting on my bed stand right now). I will slather my entire body with this butter after a soak or long shower. It’s packed with fabulous good-for-your-skin nutrients!

Charcoal Cleansing Bar (not shown, it is next to my sink)

This is my other go-to face cleanser! I prefer to use this cleanser when I’ve got a face full of makeup. As it has a GREAT lather, I’m really able to suds up and wash off any beauty grime. The bonus is that the activated charcoal in this bar helps to pull impurities from pores (good bye blackheads) and can help reduce their size. I also keep a bar in my shower to use on my body if I’ve applied sunscreen that day, as I think it does the best job of getting really clean.


my safer beauty routine

Rose + Mint Complexion Mist

With the help of the charcoal bar and the rejuvenating day cream, this complexion mist SAVED my skin. I’m a big, big, big fan. In fact, if you’ve ever emailed me asking for beauty routine advice, there’s a 90% chance I suggested adding this little bottle into your lineup. What is a complexion mist and why is it so important? This mist acts as a toner, which is a CRUCIAL step in a beauty routine after cleansing and before moisturizing. It helps to reset the pH on your skin, normalizing and allowing your skin to (in essence) chill. If you tend to over OR under-produce natural oils, consider adding a toner in the mix! This Rose+Mint scent is my personal favorite because the rose hydrosol is especially soothing to my sensitive skin. I keep a 4 oz (shown here) and a 2 oz bottle on hand at all times, the smaller I always pack for travel.

Rejuvenating Day Cream

Oh sweet relief, the day I found this cream. It is not cheap, but by golly it worked wonders for my dry, tired skin. I will use this cream if I wash my face during the day (after using a toner and one of the face oils listed below). It truly seals in great moisture and has helped to reduce fine lines and dryness in my skin. When I travel, I’ll leave my night cream (below) behind and just pack this day cream for both AM and PM application. I personally use 2-3 pumps for each application, but I like a really moisturized face!

Rejuvenating Night Cream

The sister to my favorite day cream, this moisturizer is luscious. I will apply it after cleansing, toning, and one of the face oils I have listed below. It has a mild-to-no scent and keeps my skin moisturized throughout the night. Both the day cream and night cream are from the anti-aging line at Beautycounter! They’re the most intense moisturizers available and goodness, I love them.

Nourishing Eye Cream

I love this eye cream, but to be completely honest, I really only remember to apply it about 2x a week! I will put it on as the last moisturizer before bed. It’s lovely, but between the day and night creams listed above, my skin is already pretty happy. If my eyes are ever especially puffy, I will always add a few dabs.

Brightening + Vitamin C Mask

I LOVE this mask!! Well, I love all three of these masks, but for some reason, I’m a particular sucker for this brightening mask. I like to alternate between these three masks. I’ll use, on average, each one 1x a week. They only take 10 minutes to set, so it never feels like a big effort. I love this brightening mask if my skin tone is looking splotchy or if some of my hyperpigmentation is starting to resurface (which is rare, especially since using the moisturizers above).

Plumping + Peony Mask

This plumping mask is absolutely fabulous. My favorite time to use this mask is before a big makeup day. I will apply it after cleansing, but before my moisturizer routine. It truly does help my skin feel more plumped and even in texture.

Balancing + Charcoal Mask

This is the mask that got me into masks! This mask contains activated charcoal, which is great for both soothing the skin and pulling impurities from pores. If I ever have to wear makeup for longer than usual (more than 9 hours) or if my face is starting to break out, I’ll reach for this mask.

Mask pro-tip: use a brush (like this one) to apply the mask! It will help you get more out of each tube (I average 12-15 applications per tube).


my safer beauty routine

Silver Hydrosol

I know, this one may seem a liiiiiiitle strange for a beauty cabinet mainstay. Hear me out. Let’s quickly review the benefits of this bottle for those of you who are wondering, “what the heck is silver hydrosol?” Also known as Colloidal Silver, this little bottle has tiny little silver particles that are suspended in water. It has a PROFOUND impact on boosting natural immune activity in the body. It doesn’t so much kill bacteria or unwanted bugs (like yeast, fungus, viruses, etc.) as it helps to stop them from replicating. This pause in replication opens a window for your body’s natural immune system to get the upper hand. Whenever I feel a cold coming on, I spray this at the back of my throat. I have ALSO been known to spray this on my skin during a breakout or other flair of irritation. It works wonders!

Note: if you’ve heard of people turning blue from taking silver, yes …that has happened. It likely happened because they consumed an INCREDIBLE amount of silver that was improperly prepared. This particular brand I have linked is one of the most trustworthy on the market.

Pumpkin Enzyme Peel

This is one of my favorite natural chemical peels. I will use it no more than about twice a month. The ingredients are fabulously simple: 100% pumpkin enzyme.

Baby Oil

This baby oil is one of my favorite beauty hacks! Because it’s affordable, incredibly mild, and comes in a handy pump bottle, it makes for an ideal makeup remover. I’ll use it to help touch-up my makeup during application and then will use it to loosen eye makeup before I wash my face off at night.

Lip Balm

I can’t stop raving about this lip balm! As a former Burt’s Bees obsessed consumer, I have to tell you that this balm is better. It comes in several lovely flavors, but best of all, it works. It goes on smooth and stays on like a conventional lip balm. My favorite flavors are the lavender and the peppermint. I keep one tube stashed in each purse and in almost every room of my house.

Fancy Face Serum

This is the first of the 4 oils I use on my face. I like to rotate through them pretty regularly, but know that I didn’t just jump in using them all at once. It’s best to take your time while introducing new products to the sensitive skin on your face. This serum is a fabulous truly natural oil by Primally Pure! I especially like to apply this serum to my face before a nice long soak.

Brightening + Vitamin C Face Oil

I get pretty giddy when I think about these face oils. They feel like my moisturizer secret weapon. After washing my face and then spraying my toner, I will apply a pretty generous amount of one of these three oils all over my still slightly damp face. THEN, I will apply either my day or night cream. The oil combines with the moisturizer to create the most luscious moisture-locking barrier. This brightening oil is well paired with the brightening mask!

Plumping + Jasmine Face Oil

This is another fabulous oil that’s especially great for folks who want to tackle their anti-aging efforts head on. Again, you can usually get by with a couple drops, but I like to use about 1/2 a dropper full at each application.

Balancing + Ylang Ylang Face Oil

I love the way this oil smells! This is the best oil for folks who are looking to balance out frustrated skin. I know several people who use it (alone) as their moisturizer.

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  1. Love this post. I enjoy beauty counter products as well.
    Where can I purchase the pumpkin peel?
    Also love Gus and his walks.
    Have a great day, Jackie

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this information! I love finding new products and it helps when they are recommended by someone you can trust! I’m already a Beautycounter connoisseur and will check out Primally Pure too! Thanks!

  3. I was so excited to see you have colloidal silver in your cabinet!! I just bought some colloidal silver a few weeks ago after a friend’s mom recommended it when I asked her about alternatives to conventional meds and stuff like that. I am wondering if there is any way to know what a good brand would be. I saw the brand you posted but because of it’s high price tag, I ended up getting a different one that also had a good review and had the recommended amount of silver in it. Any other tips or info about this stuff??

  4. What do you think helped your acne vulgaris primarily, diet or skincare? I’ve been paleo for over a year but just got off the pill 8 months ago and my acne is back (feel like a teen again, and not in a good way)! I am seriously considering getting some of these items to try (charcoal bar and rose hydrosol) and see if it helps my hormonal acne calm down.

  5. Loved this list- I’ll definitely be referencing it for a few empty spots in my beauty routine. Currently I’m using Primally pure for skincare, I love Beautycounter’s cosmetics but would love to look into their skincare! Thanks for sharing! I struggle with some rosacea on my chin and around my nose, along with some hormonal acne that crops up on the side of my chin, Primally pure has been SO soothing but I’d love to find some heavy hitters to add in and combat some of those breakouts.

  6. I was just googling some paleo skin care routines last night! I’m trying to find a safe peel to heal my acne scars.. in addition to the Beauty Counter brightning mask. Is the pumpkin enzyme peel good for pink/brown spots?