No-Ship Gift Guide (Worry-Free!)

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This guide is full of gifts that require no shipping on your end, making them hassle-free and much less prone to shipping and inventory delays.

Talk of shipping and inventory delays are putting quite the damper on holiday shopping. That's okay, though — you can still give really incredible, special gifts to those you love if you get creative. The gifts below are out-of-the-box and sure to be appreciated. 

  • DIY Cookie Jars – these cookie jars are so fun and can be made really easily at home, then distributed to your friends and family as desired.
  • Masterclass Membership – “inspire the person who inspires you” with a year-long membership to Masterclass!
  • ECOVIBE eGift Card –  ECOVIBE sells fun and sustainable kitchen tools for the kitchen pro in your life + this eGift card will be delivered straight to the giftee's inbox!
  • Subscription Box – gifting a subscription box is so fun because it's the gift that keeps giving all year long! Your loved one will think of you every single time a new shipment is delivered.
  • Annual National Parks Pass  – this is such a cool gift! This pass will allow the outdoor-lover on your list to jump from national park to national park for the next year without paying an entrance fee! 
  • At-Home Gym Membership  – help your loved one get their sweat on from the comfort of their own home.
  • At-Home Massage – gift your loved one an at-home massage — the ultimate luxurious experience.
  • Cameo – this is such a fun concept. Gift someone you love with a virtual message from their favorite star!
  • Diaper & Wipes Subscription – this is such a practical gift for the expectant mother in your life. A year's worth of diapers shipped directly to their door will save them both money and the hassle of running to the store.
  • Yearlong Magazine Subscription – pick a magazine that you know the person you're gifting will love — it'll be such a fun monthly surprise!

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