In this article, we share our eco-friendly gift guide and share our top sustainable companies that are worth supporting and provide an easy gift guide for every person on your shopping list this holiday season. We believe that shopping can be both fun and good for the planet!

sustainable gift guide

What does it mean to be sustainable?

Being sustainable means that a company makes several ethical choices when it comes to creating their products. From coffee to your favorite makeup product, there are a variety of factors involved in getting a product made and into your hands. It starts with the materials. Where did those materials come from? Were they farmed or grown in a way that is good for the earth? Second, where were the materials assembled or brought together? Was it in a factory where the workers are paid fairly and have good working conditions? All of these steps play an important role in whether or not a product is sustainable.

Why should sustainability matter to you? We only have one planet and taking care of it should be one of our number priorities! It is also important to learn about companies that treat their workers fairly. Knowledge is power. The more we know about these companies, the more we can support them which will then result in more people getting the fair treatment and pay they deserve.

Certifications and what they mean? In order to be considered sustainable, companies have to meet extremely high standards. Luckily there are certification companies out there that monitor the sustainability efforts of other companies. EWG, Fair Trade Certified, B Corp, Leaping Bunny Chemical Footprint Project are a few of the top certification companies that require high sustainability standards in order to obtain their certification.

What are the best eco-friendly brands?

Non-Toxic Beauty Brands

  • Beautycounter-is one of the leading companies in sustainable, clean beauty.  They have banned over 1,500 chemicals from their products and have recently switched a large majority of their packaging to glass in efforts to use less plastic.
    • Certifications- EWG Certified, B Corp Certified, Leaping Bunny Certified
  • Primally Pure  has certified organic products which means they are good for you and good for the earth. Their tallow products come from organic and pasture-raised cows and they use family farms whenever they can.
    • Certifications- None that we could find.
  • Phlur Perfume– is an amazing option for safer, less-toxic perfume. They do not use skin irritants such as parabens, phthalates, or sulfates. For their bottles, they use recycled glass and their packaging comes from recycled cardboard. They also donate to environmental organizations. I am loving what Phlur Perfume is doing for us and the planet!
    • Certifications-  B Corp Certified, Leaping Bunny Certified
sustainable fashion - red wrap dress
sustainable gift guide - white clutch with black beading
leopard print mules - sustainable gift guide
sustainable gift guide - jeans

Sustainable Fashion Brands

  • Everlane I am a big fan of Everlane! This company does sustainability right. All of their factories are posted on their website with the number of employees, photos, and a description of how it is ethical. They prioritize making sure that their workers are treated well and paid adequately.  Everlane goes the extra mile by also sharing how much each of their products cost to make. This company values transparency across the board- with their employees and products.
    • Certifications- Bluesign® Certified Dyehouse, LEED Certified Factory
  • ABLE–  If you are looking for amazing clothes, accessories, jewelry, or a bag, ABLE is a great choice. This company focuses on giving women in poverty jobs and opportunities. They post their worker’s wages online to show how important equal pay is to their company.
    • Certifications- none that we could find
  • Allbirds is a shoe company we can get behind! They use wool, trees, and sugar to make all of their shoes, as well as recycled plastic for their shoelaces. The company is considered Carbon Neutral, which means they use materials and strategies that emit less carbon into the air.  Not only does Allbirds use recycled cardboard for packaging, but they also send gently used Allbirds shoes to people in need!
    • Certifications- B Corp Certified
  • Nisolohas a great variety of bags, accessories, and jewelry. They work with independent artisans who are paid 27% more than minimum wage. Their employees are under a contract, receive health care, and their factories are visited regularly to ensure that conditions are safe. Nisolo also uses raw materials to make their products so that they minimally affect the planet.
    • Certifications- B Corp Certified
  • Monkee Genesis making a statement in the sustainable world.  They use GOTS Certified factories which ensures that their materials are 95% organic and have no bleach or chemicals. Their factories are also monitored to ensure ethical treatment and wages.
    • Certifications- B Corp Certified, GOTS Certified
  • Pact Clothing– from loungewear to dresses, this company has you covered. Their cotton is organic and uses less water to make. Their factories are considered Fair Trade by valuing fair wages and good working conditions.
    • Certifications- B Corp Certified, Fair Trade Factory Certified
  • Tribe Alivehas beautiful, earth-toned clothing. They work with artisans from all over the world including Guatemala, Honduras, Haiti, India, and the United States.  They ensure equal pay for their employees, as well as safe and fair working conditions.
    • Certifications: None that we could find.
  • Noonday– is just fun. They have unique accessories that you will be sure to love. They work with over 400 artisans from all over the world. This creates an overwhelming number of jobs for gifted artists.  They also use local materials and make sure that their workers are paid fairly and treated well.
    • Certifications: B Corp certified, Fair Trade Federation

Eco-Friendly Food Brands

  • Pride of Bristol Bay– has a great relationship with their fisherman and focuses on providing high-quality fish that is always wild and hand caught. Use the code FEDANDFIT1 for $10 off a 10 lb box and $20 off a 20 lb box!
    • Certifications- none that we could find.
  • Amani Coffee– is doing sustainability right. In addition to being organic, this company focuses on treating their farmers well and giving back. For every bag of coffee that is sold, they donate $1 to a non-profit, the Congo Restoration Effort, that fights for justice and equality for the people of the Democratic Republic of Congo.
    • Certifications- UTZ certified (A Fairtrade Organization that focuses on pay equality and treatment for their workers.)
  • Jasper Coffee– is a great Organic coffee option when it comes to sustainability. In addition to having organic farming practices, they are Carbon Neutral.
    • Certifications- B Corp certified, Fair Trade Certified
  • Alter Eco– This eco-friendly chocolate company makes sustainability their priority. Their products are organic and their truffle wrappers are commercially compostable. You can find their products in stores like Whole Foods or on Amazon.
    • Certifications- B Corp Certified, Fair Trade Certified
sustainable coffee
frozen wild salmon filet
alter eco chocolate truffels gift box

Eco-Friendly Home Brands

  • NEEV– when it comes to table linens and scarves, this company is a great sustainable option. They work with Indian artisans who are paid ethically and give 50% of their profits to charity.
    • Certifications- B Corp certified
  • Creative Women have beautiful pillows, throws, and linens. Their artisans use local materials and their products are handspun and woven.
    • Certifications- Fairtrade certified

Sustainable Outdoor Brands

  • Barebones – is the ultimate destination for all things camping and outdoor living. They believe that the outdoors and food has the power to connect people and change them for the better. From campfire skewers to garden supplies, you will be able to find an amazing gift that is both practical and sustainable! 
    • Certifications- B Corp Certified
  • Patagonia– is another great resource when shopping for your outdoor lovers. Not only do they give back by donating a percentage of their profits to other businesses, but they also make an effort to create their products in the most sustainable way- with as little effect on the planet as possible. 
    • Certifications- B Corp Certified, Fair Trade Certified

Eco-Friendly Holiday Gift Ideas

sustainable gift guide - clutch
blue wool sweater - eco-friendly gift guide

Sustainable Gifts For Her

  1. Women’s Athletic Shoes– from Allbirds ($95) 
  2. Make-Up Bag/Wallet– from tribe alive ($28)
  3. Personalized Photo Calendar– from Artifact Uprising ($30) 
  4. Transforming Duo Lip Collection– from Beautycounter ($34)
  5. Overnight Resurfacing Peel– from Beautycounter ($63) 
  6. Photo Book– from Artifact Uprising ($69) 
  7. Crossbody Purse– from Ethica ($165)
  8. Hand-Crafted Scarf– from NEEV ($89) 
  9. Safer Perfume– from PHLUR ($89) I love the Scents- Hanami, Olmsted & Vaux, and Moab

Eco-Friendly Gifts For Him

  1. Folding Steak Knife Set-from Barebones ($55)
  2. Tech Pouch– from Nisolo ($60)
  3. Work Gloves– from Patagonia ($15.99)
  4. Men’s Travel Toiletry Set– from Beautycounter ($45) 
  5. Beard Oil– from Primally Pure ($20) – Use the code FEDANDFIT10 for 10% off your first order!
  6. Counterman Collection– from Beautycounter ($188)
  7. Counterman Shave Collection– from Beautycounter  ($102) 
tea towel - sustainable gift guide
rosemary salt - sustainable gift guide
wrap around apron - sustainable gift guide

Sustainable Gifts For the Cook/Food Lover

  1. Alter Eco-Chocolate Gift Sets ($24.99-$44.99)
  2. Sustainable Wine- Chateau Ste. Michelle (prices vary)
  3. Tea Towel– from Creative Women 
  4. Folding Steak Knife Set from Barebones $55
  5. Maple and Steel Cutting Board from Barebones ($40)
  6. Grilling Wraps– from Barebones ($16) 
  7. Salmon Filets– from Pride of Bristol Bay ($18.99 per pound) Use the code FEDANDFIT1 for $10 off a 10-lb box and $20 off a 20-lb box!
  8. Pride of Bristol Bay Buying Club– (prices vary) 
  9. Amani Coffee Club– (prices vary) 
  10. Apronfrom Patagonia Provisions-made from repurposed materials (for $65)
  11. Wine Tumblers-from Barebones ($16)

For the Outdoor Lover

  1. Cooler– From Barebones ($80)
  2. Outdoor Gloves– from Barebones ($15) 
  3. Pullover– from Patagonia ($149) 
  4. Outdoor Cooking Kit– from Patagonia Provisions ($85)
  5. Snacks and Pack Kit– from Patagonia Provision ($119) 
  6. All-Purpose Backpack– from Patagonia ($99)

For the Minimalist

treasured textile journal - eco-friendly gift guide
beige plastic rimmed sunglasses - eco-friendly gift guide
steel straws - eco-friendly gift guide

Eco-Friendly Gifts For the Traveler

Sustainable Gifts For the Fashion Lover

Safer Gifts For the Beauty Lover

Womens joggers - sustainable fashion gift guide
lavender and juniper candle - sustainable gift guide
luggage tag - eco-friendly gift guide

Zero-Waste Gifts For the Self Care Enthusiast

For The Homebody

platters and boards cookbook - sustainable gift guide
open fire gloves - sustainable gift guide

Eco-Friendly Gift Basket Ideas

For a truly unique gift, try putting together a gift basket full of your favorite sustainable items!

Wine & Food Basket

  • Platters and Boards Cookbook-from Barebones ($24.95)
  • Wild Pink Salmon-from Patagonia Provisions ($14)
  • Organic Soup Sampler-from Patagonia Provisions ($30)
  • Apronfrom Patagonia Provisions ($65) 
  • Wine Tumblers-from Barebones ($16)
  • Sustainable Wine- Chateau Ste. Michelle
    • This wine has been a go-to for years for my family. This beautiful winery has been around since 1912 and you can even visit the stunning property at its home in Washington. Chateau Ste. Michelle is one of my most trusted wine purchases, I haven’t ever had a bottle I didn’t like. Here are a few that would make a perfect addition to any holiday food and wine basket for a family member or coworker. For a lighter, sweet wine, this riesling is a great pick. If you are looking for a white that is less sweet, I recommend this chardonnay.  For a smooth red wine, this red blend is lovely. Finally, if you are looking for an extra special bottle for this holiday season, you cannot go wrong with this Ethos Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon.

Grilling Basket

All from Barebones:

primally pure body butter set - sustainable gift guide
gardening tote - sustainable gift guide
fresh-faced trio-sustainable gift guide

Beauty Basket

Mix and match any of these items!

Gardening Basket

All from Barebones:

Date Night Gift Set


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