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My Picks: Nordstrom Annual Sale!

My strategy with the Nordstrom Annual Sale has evolved a little over the years, but I feel like this year, I've NAILED IT. As the years have gone by, the pieces that I bought during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale have become STAPLES for the rest of the Summer and into the Fall. So, if you're in the market for a few wardrobe updates, I highly recommend looking through what they have this time! You will find great deals on luggage, beauty, shoes, jackets, etc.

In this post, you'll find the pieces I'm personally snagging in addition to the other picks I love! I hope you find it helpful!

If I had to choose 5 things…

  1. Ugg Booties or Hunter Rain Boots (these are classics at a GREAT price!)
  2. North Face Jacket (THIS is the one I got) or a GREAT Faux Leather Jacket
  3. Zella Leggings (these are some of my favorite high-waisted leggings)
  4. Cashmere Scarf/Wrap (it's something you'll keep forever and they're almost never on sale)
  5. Pajama Set (get a new pair of PJ's, you deserve it)
  6. BONUS: A Pair of “Shoeties” (low-profile booties, perfect for transitioning to Fall)
  7. BONUS 2: A Barefoot Dreams Cardigan (YOU DESERVE ONE OF THESE)

What I'm snagging:

In addition to the items that I grabbed that are listed above, I also stocked up on the following:











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