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By: Cassy Joy Garcia
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This Kitchen Wish List spans all the cookware, electronics, gadgets, and fun kitchen accessories I personally own and love!


Today's post kicks off my Holiday Wish List series! I've crafted three interactive product widgets to help inspire and hopefully streamline your shopping efforts! I've sorted through my entire home and pulled together my FAVORITE products in the following categories: kitchen cookware/equipment, kitchen gadgets, and kitchen accessories (cute and fun – great for small gifts).

I hope you find this post useful! Keep your eyes peeled for my Fashion and Beauty posts coming next.

Kitchen Cookware & Equipment

I spend a LOT of time in the kitchen (it's my job!) and personally own every single one of the pieces below. They all stand up to HEAVY use and are some of the healthier options out there (especially the ceramic nonstick pan). Though some of the pieces may be an investment, they're worth it. That 16-cup food processor (for example) and high-quality blender are utilized 3 to 4 times each week. THIS is the silicone muffin pan (or one very similar) to the one I use and love for prepping egg cups. I hope you enjoy this section!

Kitchen Gadgets

These are the gadgets that make it all possible! I'm not a fan of single-use items because they take up too much space. I much prefer classic gadgets with multiple uses! A stain-resistant cutting board, high-quality knife, non-paint coated citrus squeezer, and spiral slicer are all must-have kitchen pieces in my book. I also included links to the glass storage containers I own! These are a great alternative to plastic if you're looking to make a swap.

Kitchen Accessories

Oh my was this section the MOST fun to organize! While I prefer a high-performing, minimal kitchen equipment game plan, I like to have a little fun when it comes to “kitchen accessories.” These are the especially fun kitchen towels, rolling pins, coffee mugs, coasters, and plates that I just adore. This is also a great section for hostess, neighbor, boss, or coworker gifts! Make a batch of chocolate-covered pecans, chocolate chip walnut cookies, or even paleo fudge. Wrap the sweet treat in some wax paper or cellophane and stuff in one of the adorable mugs or cups below for an instant, chic gift.


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  1. OMG! I love this! Thank you for sharing all the coupon codes 🙂

  2. Christie says:

    Hi Cassie! Thank you for the informative post. I truly appreciate it. My question is why did u pick Staub over Le Creuset? I have one item from Le Creuset and I’ve been thinking of adding to my collection but now I’m curious about Staub.

    1. Cassy says:

      Just a personal design preference! I liked the way the Staub looked 🙂