I have eagerly awaited this time of year for the last 3 years now! If there’s one thing that Beautycounter does well (aside from doing all they can to advocate for safer skincare + making truly life-changing safer skincare products for all skin types) it’s that they do not disappoint with their specialized holiday collections.

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In this article, I’m reviewing the 2019 Beautycounter Holiday Gift Sets in their entirety. Some quick fun facts about the 2019 collections:

  • 7 sets are $36 and under.
  • 6 sets are between $37 and $50.
  • 6 sets are GREAT for breaking up into smaller gifts. Think: hostess gifts for this party season!
  • 12+ sets are brand-spanking-new.

Why gift Beautycounter this holiday season?

As we continue to work up our 2019 holiday gift guides for Fed + Fit, one theme woven throughout is that we’re focused on gifts that are good for people and our planet. In this intense consumer-driven season, it’s so easy to slip into a craze over the fun, bright, shiny new items available …BUT, I’m challenging myself to only gift products that are: sustainable, fair-trade, ethically-sourced, and backed by mission-driven companies doing true good in the world. I can’t wait to show you these expansive sustainable gift guides, but in the meantime, know that Beautycounter checks all of these boxes. Beautycounter is actually a B-corporation (Benefit corporation, just like my Stonyfield Organics friends!), which means it’s held to a higher standard in how they treat people and the planet. Being on the inside (as a Managing Director with Beautycounter), I also got to hear about their bold work to reduce the number of plastic parts used in their products. As they grow, they’re moving their supply chains as close as possible in an effort to greatly reduce each product’s carbon footprint. Last but most definitely not least, Beautycounter’s efforts to actually put safer skincare products into the hands of its consumers WHILE ALSO advocating for more health proactive laws (learn more here) so that ALL BRANDS are required to start creating safer products, really sets them apart.

I’m immensely proud to associate with this company and equally as proud to gift their safer, ethically produced, profits-go-to-good products to those I love.

Scroll down for a full overview and note that the gift sets with the ** mark are my personal favorites!

What Beautycounter holiday gift sets are $36 and under?

  • Starlight Eyeshadow Palette – $36. With 5 stunning colors, this will be my go-to palette this Fall and Winter. I love the slim size, making it really easy to pack for holiday travel.
  • **Eye Sparklers Palette – $34. Coming soon!
  • Better Balms Duo – $36. Coming soon!
  • **Transforming Duo – $34. Coming soon!
  • Glow & Go Mini Oils – $34. I love this set so much! It gives you a chance to use all three of the powerful, skin-healing oils in Beautycounter’s line. The small sizes also makes them ideal for travel.
  • **Hand Cream Trio – $34. I am OBSESSED with these hand creams! The limited edition scents are Fresh Petal, Mandarin Violet, and Soft Neroli. This hand cream isn’t watery (like so many), it’s thick, velvety, and exactly what my hands need in dry winter weather. I also love the size – perfect for my purse. These make great break-apart gifts, see my ideas on that below!
  • Beautycounter Travel Set – $35. This set is one that I’m personally grabbing for my own use! It comes with a daily shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and body lotion. I plan to refill the bottles with my own product as I need going forward (better for the environment than even recycling and buying new again!).

What Beautycounter holiday sets are under $50?

In addition to the sets above, these are the incredible sets priced below $50!

  • **The Jellies – $39. I am SO EXCITED about these lip jellies! They really take me back to my childhood. This fun set comes in 5 light colors and 5 fun shades/scents. This is a great set to break up as a quick toss in stockings!
  • Fresh Faced Trio – $45. This thoughtful set comes with a brow gel (in clear, so it will work for everyone), lengthening mascara (though not my personal favorite mascara, I prefer BIG lashes, I know lots of folks love this subtle look), and a brand new lip jelly in sorbet.
  • **Pout Perfecter Lip Care Set – $49. This lovely sets comes with two brand new products: a lip polish, a “better balm,” and the beloved crystal lip gloss. This is a great gift for anyone who loves a natural look!
  • **Rosewood Lip Trio – $49. This is THE MOST universally-flattering shade I have ever seen and a great go-to for day or night. This set comes with a gloss, color intense, and a lip sheer.
  • Lemongrass Body Set – $49. I love this set! It’s going to be so great for everyone working through dry winter skin. With a body scrub and thick body butter, I’d gift this to anyone you know enjoys a good bath or trip to the spa.
  • **Body Butter Trio – $49. For similar reasons why I love the hand cream set, I am equally thrilled about this new set! The scents are the same: Fresh Petal, Mandarin Violet, and Soft Neroli. This is a thicker formula, one that I’ll absolutely pack on any of my wintery travel coming up.
  • Counterman Carry-On – $45. This is a great set for any man in your life. As a travel set, it’s handy to have but also a great introduction to this safer option! It comes with a brand new shampoo, body wash, exfoliating cleanser, and a face lotion formulated specifically for a man’s complexion.

What Beautycounter sets are worth splurging on for yourself?

  • **Mini Lip Gloss Vault – $89. If it feels too indulgent, believe me when I tell you that you will NOT regret this purchase. Of all of my holiday sets from years past, this has always been my favorite. I use them all year long and, because they’re a more petite size, I get to play with more colors than I would if I only kept full-sized glosses on-hand. Plus, these are the ideal size for that cute little pocket sewn into your holiday skirt and will fit in any clutch on the market. I’m a BIG fan of these mini lip glosses!
  • Counter+ Skin Care Favorites – $89. This set is FABULOUS, you guys, it includes one brand new product: the lotus glow cleansing stick (which I just used and loved this AM). Like a chapstick for your face, you rub it onto damp skin, splash with a bit of water and massage with your fingers. The formula turns into a milk and does a lovely job really cleaning my face. The kit is rounded out with an overnight resurfacing peel, brightening oil, and an activated charcoal mask.
  • **Bright Eyes Treatment Sets – $89. This is a BOSS set and one I’ve been looking forward to all year long. This set comes with the ground-breaking Countertime Ultra Renewal Eye Cream (including a safer form of retinol called Retinatural) AND no less than 6 (six!!) Eye Revive Cooling Masks. I hoarded these masks last year, they made such a difference in my eye puffiness and darkness. This is a great set to break up if you want to grab one for yourself and one for small gifts (see below).
  • Glow Getters Trio – $89. This is is a wonderful set with an overnight resurfacing peel, an instant glow face cream (offers a dewy, lovely complexion), and a cream highlighter!
  • Special Edition Cleansing Balm – $89. THIS!! If you’re a fan of the Cleansing Balm already, you know what a gem this is. This giant balm is 125 mL and comes in the beautiful new glass packaging. I love this product!

A quick Beautycounter holiday set gift guide:





What Beautycounter holiday sets are best to gift for people who are brand new to safer skincare?

Though the sponsoring thought behind most of the gift sets are to make them “new to safer” friendly, but here are a few of my favorites for gifting to those who don’t know (or maybe don’t yet care) about safer.

They’ll love these because, though (yes) they’re made with much safer ingredients, they’re also superbly high-performing. Your gift recipients will fall in love with the performance alone!

Mix & match gift ideas from Beautycounter holiday:

  • **1 Body Butter + 1 Hand Cream = $28/gift (yields 3 gifts). Just grab one set of each for 3 universally-pleasing gifts. This is a great little gift for holiday party hosts. In that case, I’d pair it with a cute mug or bottle of wine.
  • **1 Mini Lip Gloss + 1 Lip Jelly = $17/gift (yields 10 gifts). Because the mini lip gloss vault comes with 10 colors and the lip jellies comes with 5, you’ll need to grab 1 set of the gloss and 2 sets of the jellies. I’ll be gifting these sets to a number of the teens and pre-teens in my life!
  • 1 Mini Oil + 1 Hand Cream = $23/gift (yields 3 gifts). Grab one of each set for this fun gift! The oils are all different, but because of their petite size, they make for ideal sampling.
  • 1 Eye Cooling Mask + 1 Mini Oil = $26/gift (yields 6 gifts). Grab one set of the Bright Eyes Treatment Set (keep the eye cream for yourself!) and two sets of the Mini Oils for this skincare winning gift idea!
  • **1 Lip Gloss + 1 Lip Jelly + 1 Mini Oil + Body Butter + 1 Hand Cream + 1 Eye Cooling Mask = $77/gift (yields 9 gifts). This more generous gift set is the exact formula I’ll be using to gift most people on my list! It offers a great variety, I’ll probably tie a ribbon around each item and display them in a really cute insulated glass (like this one for $24 on Amazon, bringing the total gift cost to right at $100). You’ll need to grab 1 set of the Mini Lip Gloss Vault (keep one gloss for yourself!), 2 Lip Jelly sets (keep 1 jelly for yourself!), 3 Mini Oil sets, 3 Body Butter Trios, 3 Hand Cream Trios, and 2 Bright Eye Treatment Sets (keep 2 Cooling Masks + 1 eye cream for yourself, gift the other eye cream to someone who needs it!).

P.S. for my fellow working mamas.

I just have to throw this in, but to all of my fellow working mamas out there, you’re not alone in trying to juggle several balls at once! While I was taking the photos for this review, my 20 mo/old daughter Gray was helping me organize the product, climbing on the step ladder (I had to stand on a ladder to take these photos, ha!), and begging for a lip jelly to try. Just because the “official” finished photos look crisp doesn’t mean it isn’t a hot mess behind the lens. I hope this encourages you!! YOU’RE DOING GREAT!!!

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