Cilantro Hollandaise Sauce

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Prep Time 5 minutes
Servings 1 Cup Hollandaise

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Using a simple shortcut method, this cilantro hollandaise sauce is easy to whip up and will add big flavor to any meal!

glass jar of cilantro hollandaise sauce on a white marble table with cilantro in the background

I’m excited to bring you this game-changing recipe today! To be honest, I hadn’t made hollandaise sauce before we started working on this recipe. It always intimidated me and then, I woke up and decided NO MORE shall I be kept away from delicious breakfast butter sauce. Amber (my trusty helper in so much here at Fed & Fit) and I got to work on a *simple* (because I can’t handle too complex) way to make hollandaise. There are a few tricks and, it took us several attempts, but we finally NAILED IT. We then upped the delicious factor of this sauce by adding a handful of fresh cilantro. CAN YOU EVEN?

This cilantro hollandaise sauce took the breakfast recipe we were working on (hitting the blog tomorrow) to the next frigging level.

A few notes: if you loathe cilantro because your genetics cause you to taste soap vs. the delicious herb of my dreams, feel free to omit it OR swap in your favorite! Fresh chives, green onion, or even parsley could all make easy substitutions.

Second note, let’s talk about this method. Traditional hollandaise sauce is made by tempering eggs over low heat with lots of whisking. If you already know, are comfortable with, and prefer this traditional method, please use it! I like to steer clear of potentially easy-to-mess-up methods for my recipes here on the blog, so we went with a kitchen novice-friendly hack instead.

glass jar of cilantro hollandaise sauce on a white marble table with cilantro in the background

overhead view of a glass jar of cilantro hollandaise sauce on a white marble table with cilantro in the background

Parts of the directions to FOLLOW CLOSELY: make sure your butter is hot before you pour it into the egg mixture and *then* make sure your drizzle that butter in very, very slowly. I made this hollandaise with the use of an immersion (or hand) blender, but you could also make it in a food processor or blender. The hot butter slowly drizzled into the egg mixture helps to temper the eggs while also creating a luscious emulsion. If your sauce is too watery, it could be because your egg was too small OR because your butter was not hot enough OR because you poured it in too quickly. Don’t fret …you can try to salvage it by plopping in another egg yolk and, worst-case, save that batch to cook with later (pour over chopped potatoes and bake for a magical side dish).

If you are able to get the right consistency, then add your cilantro and season to taste!

glass jar of cilantro hollandaise sauce on a white marble table with cilantro in the background

One last note: if you have leftover Cilantro Hollandaise (or just can’t eat it all in one stop), know that it can be stored in the refrigerator. I keep mine for at least a week and just slightly heat it in order to get it back to a melted consistency.

I hope you enjoy and that this helps you overcome any homemade hollandaise hesitation!

Cilantro Hollandaise

By: Amber Goulden
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Prep Time: 5 mins
Servings: 1 Cup Hollandaise


  • 1 egg yolk
  • 1 teaspoon water
  • 1 teaspoon lemon juice
  • pinch of salt
  • 8 Tablespoons of butter
  • 1/4 cup of cilantro


  • Melt butter either in a saucepan over medium heat or place in a measuring cup and microwave for 1 minute, until fully liquid.
  • In a cup that just barely fits the head of an immersion blender, add the egg yolk, water, and lemon juice.
  • Place the immersion blender in the cup and turn on. Slowly stream in the hot butter with the blender constantly running until all butter is added. The sauce should be emulsified and thick.
  • Add the cilantro to the sauce and blend.
  • Serve warm.
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  1. Richelle Moffitt says

    Richelle Moffitt —  09/16/2017 At 18:54

    Do you think it would work just as well with ghee instead? I loooooove hollandaise but am completely dairy-free right now, so I’m limited to ghee. Interest to hear your thoughts!

  2. Richelle Moffitt says

    Richelle Moffitt —  10/11/2017 At 17:10

    Finally tried it! I used two egg yolks, and added the water at the very last, slowly. Delicious 🙂

    • Cassy says

      Cassy —  10/13/2017 At 19:25


  3. Sofia says

    Sofia —  02/27/2021 At 13:48

    Would love to make the loaded breakfast potatoes but I don’t love raw eggs in a sauce. Any chance the egg can be substituted by something else? Was thinking maybe tahini?

    • Brandi Schilhab says

      Brandi Schilhab —  03/01/2021 At 10:33

      For a Hollandaise sauce, the egg really is crucial. We haven’t tried tahini here, but looking at the other ingredients, I think it would be a yummy substitution and make for a great tasting sauce. Let us know how it goes!