Save yourself the tired fingers and hand cramps! We’re sharing the fastest and easiest way to shred your chicken using a completely hands-off method.

I love shredded chicken for its versatility of use in so many different dishes, but let’s be honest, the process of shredding it can be cumbersome! Using two forks, tongs, or your hands to pinch and separate the chicken is a process, and I don’t know about you, but my hands sure do get tired. Enter the stand mixer and paddle attachment – this kitchen hack significantly reduces the time it takes to shred your chicken and does so in a matter of seconds, saving you time and energy in the kitchen and meal prep department.

Kitchen Hack: Shred Chicken in the Stand Mixer

Here’s how to shred chicken in the easiest, most efficient way possible:

  1. Prep your stand mixer. Outfit your stand mixer with the paddle attachment and place your cooked chicken breast into the bowl.
  2. Shred. Set the mixer to low speed and watch as your chicken transforms into beautifully shredded pieces in just seconds!
  3. Add to your recipe. Add the chicken to your favorite recipe or store it for future use later in the week.

Can you use a hand mixer to shred chicken?

You can absolutely use a hand mixer to shred your chicken, just be careful not to overbeat your chicken, otherwise, you’ll end up with chicken mush. I like to do a little “pre-poke” with the beaters (pressing down on the chicken before I turn the mixer on) to start to break the chicken apart, then increase the speed slowly until the chicken is shredded.

Is it easier to shred chicken when it’s hot or cold?

It is much easier to shred chicken when it is warm/hot than cold. This is because the muscle fibers are looser when the chicken is heated. Shredding your chicken while hot or warm will give it the best hand-pulled look.

Tips for Shredding Chicken Breast

This method is foolproof and such a game-changer, but here are some tips that will help you to achieve the best-shredded chicken:

  • Use the paddle attachment. The motion of the paddle attachment is the best tool for achieving the perfect pieces of shredded chicken.
  • Let rest for 5 minutes before shredding. To allow the juices to absorb in the chicken breast, let it rest for a few minutes before shredding. The meat will still be warm enough to easily shred while also maintaining its juiciness.


How to Use Shredded Chicken

Shredded chicken is so versatile and easy. Here are some of our favorite shredded chicken recipes:

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