Setting out your equipment ahead of time is such an easy way to make dinnertime run super smoothly!

Easy Weeknight Dinner Prep

If you feel stressed or stretched for time during the weeknight dinner hour, you’re not alone! I’m right there with you. Fortunately, doing a couple of quick, easy prep hacks ahead of time makes for a much smoother, less chaotic dinnertime. Preparing meal bins, pre-washing + chopping veggies, and setting out cooking equipment ahead of time are easy to do while also delivering on what they promise: making mealtime as easy as possible!

Kitchen Hack: Prepare as much equipment as you can in advance.

This kitchen hack is super simple to execute! Essentially, when you have a couple of minutes to spare (before bedtime, the morning of, etc.) you’ll go ahead and set out any equipment needed to cook the next night’s dinner. It’s like setting out your running shoes before you go to bed – you’re already one step closer to a morning jog. That’s it! Get everything set up (pots, pans, Instant Pot, colander, immersion blender, etc.) when you have a few minutes so you’re one pot closer to mealtime.


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