Small Businesses to Support This Holiday Season

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This year, shopping small matters more than ever! Many small businesses have been forced to temporarily close their doors this year, and, as a result, more business has been driven online. By making an effort to shop small this year, you can help these businesses keep their doors open.

Why shop small?

Small businesses are often referred to as the ‘backbone’ of the economy – did you know there are 31.7 million small businesses in the U.S. and that they make up 41.7% of U.S. employees?

Local small businesses are owned by people who actually dwell in your community, and they want the best for it just like you do – they oftentimes invest in the wellbeing of the community, but can only do this with our support.

Local businesses lean on other local businesses for day-to-day tasks (think: shipping materials, banking, farms, etc.) – they know what being a small business is all about, and the struggles that small businesses face, so their network of providers is typically more small business based! 

This is what is known as the ‘multiplier effect.’ Essentially, every dollar you spend at a local business has a much greater impact on your community. Studies show that about 48% of dollars spent at local businesses stay in your community, vs. just 14% at chain stores!

Even more, when you’re supporting a small business, you’re supporting a real person! Your purchase will help them support their families, their teams, and help them grow their businesses and create more jobs.

Our Favorite Small Businesses

  • Atterley – Atterley pulls from independent boutiques all around the world. They also happen to have the BEST customer service ever.
  • Mi Golondrina – one of Cassy’s personal favorites, Mi Golondrina’s mission is to “share the timeless beauty and traditions of Mexican artisan-made clothing with the world.”
  • The Natural Baby Company –  this female-founded company’s promise is to
    “provide products that are the highest quality, healthy, and environmentally friendly to parents throughout the world.” They also own GroVia — FF team member, Lindsay’s, favorite for both cute and eco-friendly diapering.
  • London Grant Co. – London Grant believes that there is a “profound beauty in handmade goods,” and this belief is so evident in all of their natural bodycare.
  • The Helm –  “The Helm is an early-stage venture firm investing in game-changing companies founded by women through our fund and investor membership.”
  • Sage to the People  – this family-owned business is run out of Charleston, SC + their products are such a fun gift to include in gift bundles for friends and loved ones!
  • Karacotta Ceramics – these Austin-made ceramics are so beautiful and unique. Kara, the artist and creator behind the brand, also just so happens to be the loveliest human!
  • Wild Rivers Coffee Company – this female-founded business is based in Austin, Tx, and roasted in the USA.
  • Great Jones –  this towel (in collaboration with Meena Harris) makes for the cutest gift! “Meena Harris is a lawyer, author, mother of two, and the founder and CEO of Phenomenal. Inspiring, yes? We at Great Jones admire her confidence and hope these tea towels remind you of your power, in and out of the kitchen.”
  • The Little Market – “The Little Market Council is a community of more than 70 strong, passionate, fearless women who support our work. It includes influential leaders, feminists, entrepreneurs, human rights experts, and advocates. Each member lends their time and talents to make a unique contribution to The Little Market.”
  • Ghia – a great gift for a friend or family member with an alcohol-free home bar!
  • Hey Gang – “ethically made quality goods for kiddos and adults. The collection is influenced by utility, function, and timelessness and always made for play everyday. (getting dirty is always encouraged!).”
  • Babaa – “made in Spain and designed to last,” every single piece that Babaa makes and sells is so beautiful and timeless! 
  • El Rey Court – curated in Santa Fe, New Mexico, this is the neatest shop!
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  1. Bobbi says

    Bobbi —  11/23/2021 At 09:43

    Absolutely love both London Grant Co. and The Little Market!! I’ll have to check out some of these others!

    • Brandi Schilhab says

      Brandi Schilhab —  12/01/2021 At 14:22

      Wahoo! So glad to hear that, Bobbi!