We’re bringing you all of our favorite Mexican-inspired recipes (from appetizers to drinks to dessert!) in this Cinco de Mayo recipe roundup!

We’re always looking for a reason to celebrate, and Cinco de Mayo is no exception! In fact, this holiday may be one of our *very* favorite celebrations of the year. What’s better than noshing on chips and salsa + sipping on a fresh, homemade lime and jalapeno margarita while waiting for the chicken enchiladas verde to get out of the oven?! The answer? NOTHING! Nothing is better than that!

We’ve compiled our most festive breakfasts (start your Cinco de Mayo off festively!), appetizers, main courses, sides, drinks, and desserts all in one place, so get ready to make your menu!

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Cinco de Mayo Breakfasts Recipes

Start your morning with a breakfast just as festive as the rest of the day! Loaded with crispy chorizo, potatoes, chiles, and topped with avocado and cilantro, these breakfast options will be the perfect kick-start to your Cinco de Mayo!

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Cinco de Mayo Appetizers

Here you’ll find the perfect start to your celebration – after all, what’s Cinco de Mayo without a little guac?! Open your favorite bag of tortilla chips and get to dippin’!

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Cinco de Mayo Main Courses

Enchiladas, tacos, soups, and casseroles – this list has it ALL! The only *real* question here is: are you team no-fuss enchilada casserole OR more traditional roll-em-up style enchiladas?





Mexican-Inspired Casseroles

Soups + Chili

More Cinco De Mayo-Worthy Dinners

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Cinco de Mayo Sides

Pick the slaw that speaks to you (you can’t go wrong with either option!), dress a classic, simple salad with a delicious Mexican-inspired dressing, or spoon a bold, flavorful sauce over roasted veggies and dig in!


Bold, Flavorful Sauces

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Cinco de Mayo Drinks

What do ALL of these appetizers, main courses, and sides have in common? They’re decidedly better with a tangy, fresh margarita in hand! Below is a list of our better-for-you cocktails – made with fresh, REAL ingredients, but still easy as can be!


Other Cinco de Mayo Drinks

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Cinco de Mayo Desserts

End the night just as festively as you started it (because dessert is ALWAYS a good idea!)

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We hope you pick a few recipes from this Cinco de Mayo recipe roundup for an *extra* festive at-home celebration!

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