Low-Carb Meal Plan

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This week’s meal plan is low-carb. If you’re not low-carb, add in a few of your own favorite starches! I’m going to personally prep some roasted whole sweet potatoes and several cups of white quinoa to spoon onto our girls’ plates.

Low-Carb Meal Plan





Cook Once Tip

On your prep day, I recommend making the absolute most of your oven being on and your cutting board being out! Bake the bacon + asparagus (on the same sheet pan, even) for the frittata and go ahead and pre-bake those peanut butter cookies if you’re into them. Then, get to chopping! I recommend pre-chopping the veggies for the salmon bake salad (except for the avocado), chop the onions and peppers for the philly cheesesteak skillet, trim the green beans, and do a quick chop on the veggies you’ll serve with those kabobs (I like cucumbers).


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