Meal Prep-Friendly Meal Plan 2 (with Video!)

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You blew me away with your enthusiasm over my first Meal Prep for a Week guide, so we got to work right away in an effort to bring you a 2nd edition. I am THRILLED to announce that the next Meal Prep for a Week tutorial is here! I took your feedback and used it to make this meal plan even better, to include a special focus to keep grocery costs low. 

This guide (lives on YouTube) gives you 5 family-sized dinners, 5 “take with you” lunches, a “grab and go” breakfast, and a high-protein snack for a week of delicious, health-minded, budget-friendly, efficient eats. I even built you Cook Once-style prep instructions so you can use it as your guide for the most efficient time in the kitchen ever.

The shopping list and guide is linked below as our free gift! Watch the video to see how it all comes together.

1/6/23 Meal Prep-Friendly Meal Plan






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