Today we’re sharing 6 of our favorite cookware options that you can grab on Amazon!

GreenLife Ceramic Pans

These GreenLife ceramic pans are our favorite option for non-stick cookware. If you’re looking to replace your Teflon pans with a less-toxic alternative, these are the way to go! The coating on these pans is truly non-stick, and it doesn’t chip or flake the way that Teflon does after heavy use.

What are ceramic pans best for?

We’ve found that these pans are ideal for cooking eggs or delicate proteins like fish. They’re also great for making pancakes, or anything where you really need that non-stick surface.

What should I avoid using ceramic pans for?

Ceramic pans are best at low to medium heat, so if you’re trying to sear something or cook at high heat, we’d recommend using a cast iron or stainless steel pan. Cooking at high heat can risk ruining the coating on your pan. It’s also worth noting that GreenPan recommends that you only use high-heat oils with their pans. Oils with a low smoke point, like olive oil, can leave behind a film on the pans that interferes with the non-stick coating.

Buy GreenLife Ceramic Pans

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stainless steel pan - best cookware


All-Clad Stainless Steel Pans

We love All-Clad stainless steel cookware. It is high-quality, durable, and conducts heat evenly, making it great for everyday cooking. Since these pans aren’t non-stick, you don’t have to worry about any kind of coating and can rest assured that these are non-toxic. These pans will last for many years, so they are well worth investing in.

What are stainless steel pans best for?

Stainless steel pans are perfect for everyday cooking. They work well at any heat so they can be used for searing, sauteeing, and can even go from your stovetop to your oven. This deep pan allows you to make a variety of dishes, including our Caprese Chicken Skillet! You will find that you will use this pan a regular basis and it is quick and easy to clean.

What should I avoid using stainless steel pans for?

As mentioned above, stainless steel cookware doesn’t have the non-stick quality that you need for making eggs or delicate proteins like fish, so we’d recommend reaching for another pan in those instances. However, you can often still see success if you properly grease your pan first!

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cast iron pan - best cookware

Cast Iron Pan

A cast iron pan is the ultimate kitchen essential! What other kitchen tool can be used for everything from making cornbread to searing steaks? We love having a cast iron pan on hand because of its versatility. This particular pan (linked below) is great because it comes pre-seasoned and is budget-friendly! If you are feeling adventurous, these pans also make great cookware for camping trips. They are practically indestructible and help you cook your favorite camp side meals. We love making these French Onion Skillet Meatballs in a cast iron pan,

What are cast iron pans best for?

Cast iron pans are great for searing and browning meat, for making certain baked goods like gluten-free cornbread, carrot cookie cake, or even cheddar and sausage scones, and for making one skillet dinners. Also, as you continue to use your cast iron pan, it will take on a slight non-stick quality.

What should I avoid making in my cast iron pan?

You want to avoid making anything acidic in a cast iron pan, as it can cut through the coating and cause the pan to rust. We also don’t recommend anything that you need a non-stick surface for, like omelets or fish.

How do I care for my cast iron pan?

First, you’ll want to make sure you buy a pre-seasoned cast iron pan like the one you have here. If you care for your pan properly, it will become better and better as you continue to use it. You’ll want to avoid putting the pan in the dishwasher, and only use a small amount of dish soap on it when absolutely necessary. We’ve found that the best way to clean a cast iron is to sprinkle it with kosher salt and rub it the salt into it with a dish towel, then rinse with hot water, dry immediately, and rub about 1 teaspoon of oil into the pan.

If you ever have a situation where you need to use something more abrasive on your pan, we recommend rubbing oil into the pan’s exterior and interior, then baking at 500 F for about 1 hour. This will help keep the layers of seasoning intact so that your pan doesn’t wear down and rust.

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staub cocotte - best cookware

Staub Cocotte

A Staub Cocotte is also a great kitchen essential because it is not only super durable, but you can also use it in so many different ways. It can be used on the stove for soups or put in the oven for casseroles or for braising meats. Staub cookware is cast iron that is coated with enamel. This means that you get the benefit of cast iron cooking (very sturdy pans with an even heat that holds well), but because of the enamel you aren’t limited by what you can cook in it, and you don’t have to worry about seasoning it. A Staub Cocotte will last you forever and inspire you to try new and unique dishes! We have cooked this Cherry Dump Cake, as well as this Cheesy Chicken Broccoli and Rice Casserole, in a Staub Cocotte it didn’t disappoint!

Buy your Staub Cocotte HERE.

pyrex dishes - best cookware

Glass Casserole Dishes

Glass Casserole Dishes are any amazing addition to any kitchen! Not only can you cook your dinner in them but you can also use them to freeze any leftovers you have! We love this particular Pyrex brand because the lids are BPA free and they are dishwasher/microwave safe. Having several different sizes is also helpful when cooking on a regular basis. We loved having them on hand when making this Breakfast Casserole!

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stainless steel baking sheets - best cookware

Stainless Steel Baking Sheets

Stainless Steel Baking Sheets are used in our kitchen almost on a daily basis. They are a great way to roast vegetables, cook meats, and bake your favorite cookies! These pans are dishwasher safe and non-toxic, unlike many of the non-stick baking sheets you’ll find. We love that you can buy them in multiple sizes and that they are heavy-duty, which helps them distribute heat evenly. Use parchment paper when cooking for easy cleanup, especially when making cookies. These pans are perfect when cooking this Pesto Sheet Pan Dinner or baking these Chocolate Chip Cookies!

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