Let’s Valentines Day Boldly

By: Cassy Joy

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On a seriousness scale between 1 (giggling mess during my husband's marriage proposal) to 10 (stone-faced, easily offended, and desperate to be taken seriously) …I'm a solid 1.0. YES, I can be level-headed when necessary …but, only when absolutely necessary. There's not much that cracks my joyful acceptance of life. Though the occasional sleep deprived headache, mountain of dirty dishes, and to-do list longer than you can shake a stick at MAY TRY to get me down, it's still a tall order. I promise this applies (somewhat) to Valentines Day. Stay with me.

When it comes to holidays, folks tend to either find themselves very-much-FOR, indifferent towards, or very-much-AGAINST what I'm going to call the “fringe holidays.” I'm mostly looking at Halloween and Valentines Day. I'm not sure if it's because candy is a central theme of both or if it's because they're both pointedly NOT to be taken seriously, but Halloween and Valentines Day are my favorite holidays. THERE I SAID IT. They are and always have been. I love every little bit of Halloween's silly costumes, spooky atmosphere, and brilliant excuse to put worms in dessert. I also love every little bit of Valentines Day's homemade “be mine” cards, plush bears holding hearts, and deliciously cliche red roses. I love, love, love it all.

Hopefully this has prepared you for my “I fully embrace Valentines Day” look. Great big pink statement earrings, billow-sleeved off-the-shoulder red dress, and the most fun shoes ever are exactly what I plan on wearing this Valentines Day. Fun, bold, colorful, and not too serious.

Valentines Day Fed and Fit Valentines Day Fed and Fit-6 Valentines Day Fed and Fit-5 Valentines Day Fed and Fit-4 Valentines Day Fed and Fit-3 Valentines Day Fed and Fit-2

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  1. I love those shoes! You are just too cute. =) Love Valentines day!

  2. Laura says:

    Love this look! That dress looks great on you, and the shoes are !

  3. Jessica Suazo says:

    You are such an inspiration. Just to be happy. Obviously I love your recipes and your other content. But I think most of all I love your happy personality. This outfit is amazing!

  4. May says:

    You look absolutely stunning! Cassy, is there any chance you could do a quick tutorial on your gorgeous half up half down hairstyle?